Friday, 21 October 2016

Week of Action targets Redcar estate

The area around The Meadows (formally the Closes) area
Redcar will get the opportunity to learn new skills and get their voices heard as a week of activities take place as part of the ‘Redcar and Cleveland Love It’ campaign.

Coming as the result of work done in Neighbourhood Action Partnership meetings chaired by ward councillors Chris Abbott and Billy Wells, residents on The Meadows estate will lead on tackling issues affecting the estate including anti-social behaviour and general cleanliness. They will also be forming their own residents’ group to continue this week of action in the future.

Starting on Monday 24 October, members of the ‘Love It’ team will show residents on The Meadows estate how to use their recycling, green waste and general waste bins as well as implementing some anti-theft measures including spray painting house numbers and street names on bins and offering tips on how to secure bins.

There will be a skip day, dates to be confirmed, so people can get rid of bulkier rubbish for £3 each and the money raised will go towards funding new activities and initiatives around the area.

One of those activities is a community litterpick on Thursday 27 October at 10.00am where council staff, residents and volunteers will come together to clean the estate.

It isn’t just waste and recycling that will be part of the week of action as a healthy lifestyles workshop takes place at Rye Hills School from 9.00am – 11.00am on Tuesday 25 October with a healthy eating workshop on the afternoon.

There will also be a microwave cooking taster session at Roseberry Library on Thursday between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

Also passing on their knowledge is Cleveland Police who will be running a session on crime prevention and Cleveland Fire Brigade will be doing patch walks, both on Thursday.

Cllr Billy Wells, Independent ward councillor for Newcomen, said: “Hopefully if this week of action is a success it will encourage residents in other parts of Newcomen ward to create their own group and have their own week of action and as ward councillors I will work with Cllr Abbott to continue to support this.”

Cllr Chris Abbott, Deputy Mayor of Redcar and Cleveland and Lib Dem councillor for Newcomen, said: “The area needed a new management plan and it is great to see that residents are prepared to work alongside the two ward councillors the community development team and all the other local agencies to help deal with the anti-social behaviour problems, rubbish dumping and get to work on improving the appearance of the area.”

To find out more about ‘Love It’ go to:

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Nice lunch in Redcar Library cafe.

Having had a full day of meetings at the Redcar Community Heart today I found myself in the Redcar Library cafe with twenty minutes to spare before my next meeting but with only £3.00 cash on me after I paid out £4.50 to park.

However, they were serving homemade chicken casserole for only £2.50 and it was delicious. What a change it made from my usual unhealthy diet. I miss proper home cooked meals. I do them myself occasionally but no where near as often as I would like. I will be visiting the Library cafe again very soon.

Newcomen Ward Neighbourhood Action Partnership

The next Newcomen Ward Neighbourhood Action Partnership is Monday 3rd October 6pm at Roseberry Square Library, Roseberry Road, Redcar.

Barry Coppinger The Police and Crime Commissioner will be attending the next meeting.

Barry will give an overview of what is happening in the Police and will answer any your queries about Anti-Social Behaviour and Crime.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Lay-by for bungalows in Westmorland Road, Redcar

Success at last with our campaign for a lay-by in front of bungalows 60 to 70 Westmorland Road which I submitted as a contender for funding out of the Council's Public Realm around 18 moths ago. Today I received the following confirmation that the work will start of 3rd October.

"On Monday 3rd October construction works will commence to install a new lay-by on Westmorland Road. This project was one of the 72 Phase 2 Projects of the Boroughwide Public Realm Programme and will consist of the construction of a new vehicular lay-by and a relocated footpath between numbers 60 to 70 Westmorland Road.

"The works will be carried out by the Council’s Highway Services section and weather permitting, should be complete by Friday 16th October 2016. Residents have been informed of the works via letter and Coast and Country Housing (owner of part of the land) has also been kept informed throughout the whole process."

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Redcar's Yorkshire Coble pub no longer allowing parents of Lakes Primary pupils to park during School run

I am being contacted by parents and residents concerning the recent decision of the Yorkshire Coble to no longer allow parents to park in the pub car park whilst dropping off or picking up children at Lakes Primary School.

This arrangement seemed to have been working well ever since the current travel to school plans were introduced and I have always thought it was very helpful of the landlord and staff at the Coble to allow this to happen. I am unsure as to why the decision has been taken to block access though I understand it has do do with pub regulars not being able to find parking spaces at times.

I have asked the Council's Highways team to advise on what the Council and the School can do to assist in order to prevent the parking chaos that may result from this decision.

I would welcome the views of residents about this as the Coble is really the only place for parents to legally park when doing the School run. It has been suggested that some parents have been staying too long, arriving early and staying to chat with friends and thereby preventing a swift turnover of parking spaces.

UPDATE 15/09/16 - 11 am:

I have been in touch with Highways and it seems the decision has been made by the head office of the brewery not to permit parents from parking in the pub car park. A number of customers of the pub have complained to Samuel Smith Head Office regarding the parking behaviour of parents parking up. The manager of the Coble has stated they were informed by head office not to allow parents to park up. I have asked an Highways officer to assist in taking the issue up with head office.

UPDATE 15/09/16 - 7.27 pm

One of the Council's Highways Engineers has been in touch with the estates department at Samuel Smith Head office and they have stated that they are standing behind the decision not to allow parents to park in the Yorkshire Coble Car park.

They have stated that the behaviour of the parents from both an attitude and a parking and safety perspective leaves a lot to be desired and that they are not willing to run the risk of an incident occurring on their premises.

I will keep pursuing this but please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Monday, 5 September 2016

New toilets in Locke Park

I learned from a resident today that a young child visiting the park wanted the toilet but was surprised to find they had vanished. Previously in the Locke Road entrance car park, they are now situated, as pictured below, next to the Cafe, which is close to the main Corporation Road entrance and parking area.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Landslide victory for Lib Dems in Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council's Ormesby Ward

Redcar Liberal Democrats are delighted to have held on to the Ormesby Ward with a landslide result in a by-election held yesterday. 

Nunthorpe resident Carole Morgan, a former teacher at Nunthorpe School, was comfortably elected as the new councillor in Ormesby, which includes part of Nunthorpe.

The result was: 
Carole Morgan (Lib Dem) 980 
UKIP 138 
Labour 126 
Con 41 
North East Party 15 

The by-election was caused by the resignation of popular Liberal Democrat Councillor Ann Wilson, who sadly died during the campaign. New Lib Dem Councillor Carole Morgan said:

“Naturally I regret the circumstances that led to this by-election. Ann Wilson was a superb representative for the area and was liked by all who knew her.

“I am delighted that the people of Ormesby and Nunthorpe have put their trust in me. I am looking forward to working with fellow Councillors Glyn and Irene Nightingale to serve the local community and protect the area from unsuitable development.

“I will try to be a councillor for all residents, regardless of how they voted.”

Lib Dem council group leader Josh Mason added: “I am delighted with the result and am sure that Carole will be an excellent representative for Ormesby and Nunthorpe.

“The Lib Dem Group on the council will continue to hold the Labour administration to account and fight for the best possible deal for residents across the borough.”

Friday, 12 August 2016

Councillors rushing to criticise colleagues often get it wrong but the damage is done!

Redcar and Cleveland Councillors are at their best when they work together

I was disappointed yesterday to read a post on the Facebook page of a fellow Councillor, a Labour member for Coatham Ward, sniping at me in a very patronising way. It claimed I should have contacted the Council before complaining in the press about the lack of action to repair Redcar Town Clock (see previous item below).

The comment attracted some rather nasty comments in support including one from the other Labour Councillor for Coatham Ward also suggesting I should do like him and contact the Council.

Had they bothered to check they would have found that I DID contact the Council first and I got a very helpful response. However, the number of people who contacted me to complain about the clock not working was the reason why I felt it a necessary and newsworthy action to press release my comments and publish them in my blog.

In addition to that I also complained about the fact that the Council appears to be the only local authority in the country that plants green shrubs in flower beds and boxes.

Two entirely different issues but linked because the Labour leadership of Redcar and Cleveland likes to cut maintenance budgets when faced with having to reduce spending so that people notice and they can then blame the Government.

Both these Councillors post numerous stuff on Facebook daily and send out press statements. It is a bit rich to criticise me in such a patronising way when they do exactly the same themselves.

This reminds me of a similar incident in May, shortly after I received the honour, after 31 years on the Council, of being elected Deputy Mayor. The Council's only UKIP member posted a rant on Facebook about him not getting elected as the Vice-Chairman of something because some of my Lib Dem colleagues had refused to vote for him in spite of a deal agreed between opposition members. 

He singled me out for criticism because, he said, he had voted for me to become Deputy Mayor and I had not voted for him. This vote took place before the vote for committee chairs and vice chairs. This posting prompted a comment from an Independent Councillor claiming that he did not want to vote for me but did so because the UKIP Councillor said he should. Another person claimed I was a "low life."

The truth is I DID vote for the UKIP Councillor and not only that I later strongly criticised my fellow Lib Dem Councillors for not supporting him as well. The Lib Dem Group does not have a whip so members are free to choose but I felt they were wrong on that occasion.

The UKIP Councillor later apologised but the damage was already done, my daughter and granddaughter had already read the comments, which had upset them and no doubt many others would have believed them.

There is a code of conduct for members but some members think that allowing others to make nasty comments on their postings is a way of subjecting opponents to abuse without them being responsible. I beg to differ and would delete any such comments